September 26

What’s It Gonna Be? Episode 11 – Two Ones

Recorded September 20th 2014

Episide 11

Intro: Robert Anton Wilson – Language, Reason & Reality

Part 1

George Redmond

General reporting on the trial from


Part 2

Vice News – Tartan Armies: Scotland Decides

The Bush Family Tree

Jon Snow – Rebellion or Revolution

Rocket Rainbow Studios

Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling & Wake

Wife Carrying (Finland)

Cocaine found in Vatican Librarian’s car

Robert Anton Wilson – The Vatican / Cocaine / CIA connection

The Fake Abortion Clinics Of America: Misconception


Part 3

The Blues Brothers

3rd Annual March for Choice

Emma Goldman – The Child and its enemies

Serial Killers – How Many Are There?

Rooster Teeth – Social Disorder


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