July 19

What’s It Gonna Be? Episode 16.08 – Catch ‘Em All!

Recorded 18/07/’16

Intro: Occupy Democrats Facebook page – anti-racism educator Jane Elliot

Part 1

Baton Rouge officers ambushed by gunman (Guardian)

Rare pokemon appears at Cnetral Park (Cnet)

“Why They Didn’t Fire Is A Mystery” – Coup Pilots Had Erdogan’s Plane In Their Sights And Did Nothing (zerohedge.com)


Part 2


Pokémon Go

Steampunk Pikachu (Deviantart)


Part 3

How old is Ash Ketchum (YouTube)

No studio? No problem. Meet Prince Harvey, the man who secretly recorded an album at the Apple store (Guardian)

George W. Bush’s jovial jig at Dallas memorial turns heads

The Brexit minister David Davis thinks the Republic of Ireland is part of the UK (New Statesman)

British politicians back Trident renewal (RTÉ)

Ian Paisley Jr urging people to get an Irish Passport (Twitter)


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