May 25

What’s It Gonna Be? Episode 15.7 – Flip A Coin

Recorded 21st May 2015

Intro: Castleford vs Wigan


George Formby – Leaning on a Lamp Post

Chumbawamba – The Diggers’ Song

Riggots – Forked Shoes

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  1. By Sir Barnable Whithorse the Third on

    Top three(ish) gigs:

    1. Elastica at the Tivola. My first real gig. Fantastic performance to a small crowd.
    2. U2 – Achtung Baby – RDS – Massive show, amazing tech, EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG flashing up a lot and then being at the front during Mysterious Ways.
    3. Metallica – Point Depot – There would have been a massive riot if they hadn’t done Whiskey in the Jar
    4. Scrobious Pip vs Dan Le Sac – Whelans. Totally sober yet probably my favourite gig ever, especially when Le Sac did the end of Letter from God To Man.

    There was some sort of dance thing on in the Point, but I was on a lot of things at the time so I know I loved it but can’t remember why 🙂

  2. By Dav (Post author) on

    I remember listening to that particular U2 gig live on 2FM with Barry Lang and Brenda O’Donohue as the commentary team. And yes, I admit to being a U2 Fan in my teens 😀


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