August 4

What’s It Gonna Be? Episode 15.12 – We Live

Recorded 02/08/’15


Intro – They Live

Part 1:

Music: Misery Index: Embracing Extinction

Part 2:

Music: Electric Wizard: Saturn’s Children

Part 3:

Something fucked up and we’re not able to hear the recording.  The audio quality of this episode is way below par and for that we’re sorry, we’ll try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Music: The HolyDrug Couple – French Movie Theme

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  1. By DEATHGIVER2004 on

    As I sit here dressed in my cool Obey T-shirt which means OBEY ME BITCH! and playing the best Batman game evar on my xbox I find it ofensive that u cuntz dont take Cecil the line serious, like. I watched de black guy get tazed cos he was prolly pullin a gat or someting. Also its obvious dat de dodo was delicus r peeple woodnt haf eaten it to death. ALLAH ACKBAR MOTHERBITCHES!


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