August 1

What’s It Gonna Be? Episode 8 – Just The Two Of Us

Recorded 28/07/’14

Just The 2 Of Us

Intro: Marshall McLuhan from 1977 – the effects of TV on children

Part 1

Shamrokon (2nd last weekend of August – 22nd-24th)


Riddle / Courtnee Draper / Anthea West (Sorry, I said Anthea Walsh, that’s a different artist, this is the one I meant)

Daredevil the Director’s Cut

Grant Morrison’s Supergods

Arthur C Clarke’s Predicts Cold-Fusion


Part 2

The Handmaid’s Tale – Official Trailer (1990)

AIDS researchers mourn lost colleagues

Gilgamesh – The new LARP from Team Midway

The Adventuring Party Irish gaming podcast

LARP Armour, Weapons, props and make-up (one shop of many)

First Knight of Malta in Ireland for 500 years

Outro: Everlast – Stone In My Hand

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