July 26

What’s It Gonna Be? Episode 7 – Happy Birthday Mr Wayne

Recorded 24/07/2014

Episode 7


The Testimony of Robert Kane

Part 1

Dark Knight Returns

Batman: The Animated Series

Smurfs – Belgian from 1958

Lego Tumbler

Heath Ledger

Caesar Romero


Jehovah’s Witnesses


Part 2

Stephen Pinker

Batman: Arkham game series

Videogame Violence Can Increase Moral Sensitivity

Gamestop Pre-Order Batman Arkham Knight

Channel 4

Why did the EU Abstain?

Maccabi Haifa players attacked

Palestinian soccer players shot by IDF

Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

ISS Astronaut Israel/Gaza rocket tweet

Maps of Israel’s growth vs Palestine’s decline

Vice.com: Belfast Burning

The Incredible Hulk


Once Upon A Time…


Part 3

Brian Kennedy / Don McLean / The Beach Boys in Roscommon

Joe Rogan & Bert Kreischer

Mohamed Ali

Burt Ward

Bruce Lee

Jackie Chan

Nardwuar vs Wu Tang Clan

Outro Music:

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