August 4

What’s It Gonna Be? Episode 15.12 – We Live

Recorded 02/08/’15


Intro – They Live

Part 1:

Music: Misery Index: Embracing Extinction

Part 2:

Music: Electric Wizard: Saturn’s Children

Part 3:

Something fucked up and we’re not able to hear the recording.  The audio quality of this episode is way below par and for that we’re sorry, we’ll try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Music: The HolyDrug Couple – French Movie Theme

July 21

What’s It Gonna Be? Episode 15.11 – Press Conference

Recorded 19/07/’15


Intro – Richard Prior interview during filming of Stir Crazy

Part 1:

Music: Theme from Dr Doolittle

Part 2

Music: Ufomammut – Temple

Part 3

Music: Big Black – Jordan, Minnesota

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July 8

What’s It Gonna Be? Episode 15.10 – A Cinema Episode

Recorded 07/07/’15

Intro: Alfred Hitchcock: The Difference Between Mystery & Suspense

Part 1:

Adam Curtis – It Felt Like A Kiss

Music: Vangelis – Blade Runner End Theme

Part 2:

Music: John Williams – Star Wars Main Theme

Part 3:

Favourite Films:

Music: The Pharcyde – Drop


Who’s the best drummer in Rock/Metal?
(Thanks Lithium93_ for the question)

Addendum Outro: Flo Mounier/Cryptopsy – None So Live

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June 18

What’s It Gonna Be? Episode 15.8 – Hard Times

Recorded 11/06/’15

This episode is a little different to some of our others.  We’ve split into 3 parts to talk about the 3 legends that passed away during the week.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Outro: Squeeze – Cool for Cats

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April 14

What’s It Gonna Be? Episode 15.5 – In Soviet Russia, Meme Bans You!

Recorded 12/04/’15

Intro: The only interview with L. Ron Hubbard

In part 1, we talk about L. Ron, Scientology and all that bullshit.  We then talk equality and call out David Quinn for being a cunt.  Just like everyone else.  We then talk Baldwins and Guinness’ private fire service…


Part 2 starts with us talking about nerds ruling the earth and trying to bring the rest of the planet up to speed.  A partner for Batgirl gets mentioned and Neal talks about not liking Doctor Who that much cause of how English it was.  Then we get to Daredevil on Netflix.  Then we decide to start writing a comic…


Part 3 begins with Neal’s staggering disbelief at Dav asking about what we do when we become immortal thanks to nanomachines son.  It all goes downhill from there… Tattoos, Blade Runner, Pet Corner, Solar Flares, Scotty Pippin – this part’s got it all!


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