July 17

What’s It Gonna Be? Episode 6 – Get A Hobby

UPDATE: The audio mix was too low, that’s been adjusted but the noise in the background is a factor once again.  Sorry, we’ll try to sort this out for Episode 7.


Intro from this short snippet of a documentary on R. Buckminster Fuller.  This is a much bigger documentary about the man that you might enjoy.

Dubai Then and Now.

China levelling mountains.

Daft.ie Liberty Hall Playhouse.

Emergency motion to protect the Poolbeg Chimneys.

Protect autistic children from wind farms and pylons.

We refuse to link to “news” about Garth Brooks on the off chance that some of whose twats might see this podcast and become confused and angry at our crazy notions.  Needless to say, we’re ashamed of a country and a populace that rates this as being more important than pretty much every other facet of life in Ireland.

Remembering Pope John Paul II’s visit to Ireland in 1979.

Various articles of coverage of the atrocities in Gaza from The Journal.

Our first Musical break:


Egypt calls for a ceasefire.

US Army Bases in Germany.

Robert Fisk – Why doesn’t the media ever mention the lack of progress in the Middle East?

Potato Salad on Kickstarter.

Mark Bittman – Hunger Is A Disease.

Titanfall is an Xbox, Windows Exclusive “for the life of the title.”

GTA V Film & TV References.

Lindsay Lohan suing Rockstar.

More Music:


Pope Francis says 2% of Catholic clergy are paedophiles.

Film review section:


Outro Music:

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